ATH ARTS an Anthony Tyrone Howard Company I strongly believe that design and technology can change the world. We are entering a new age where anyone with a good idea has the capacity to create, to be an inventor. The explosion of Web App development allows for rapid prototyping and the creation of communication products that are direct to audience and hopes to create a needed service. The capacity to create art and memes to be launched on a global scale has placed a unique power in the artist. Companies of all sizes are seeking new ways to interact and communicate in this relatively new online medium.
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BOOK 2 in the Hopalong Camanshii Graphic Novel Series

The long awaited follow up to Hopalong Camanshii + The Synaptic Kush Book One. In this issue we learn about how Hopalong Camanshii became who he is and how the Incorporals play a part in the creation of Neodelphia. A new rebel organization rises up in the wake of Hopalongs “death”.



Dreaming of new ways to help you do you.


Find out how I can make your creative dreams come true.

ATH ARTS is on the side of dreamers. People that defy their realities to create a better one. I want to help find out how to make your dreams a gleaming reality. By using a variety of digital and traditional tools paired with comprehensive branding and launch strategies, ATH ART can help you do you and express yourself to your audience with clarity and confidence.

Take the first step by clicking this button below. You will be taken to a simple application that will give us a clear picture of you idea so we can help you in the most efficient way possible.


The Open Neck Show!

Creative Conversations

The OPEN NECK SHOW is an archived podcast series that was, in essence, just a conversation between me and my friend Rah Crawford. The short series covers a series of topics and issues.


Frayed Wires

Random musings and insane ramblings.

Read articles from my creative journal to get more information about ATH ARTS and what we are working on. If you have any questions about the articles below please contact me and

What does it mean to be a “creative technologist?” For Anthony Howard, it means believing design and technology can change the world, and he puts it into practice with his work. Anthony shares with us his altruistic passion Creative Tech Works, a STEM program that supports urban students through design and code. We also delve into Anthony’s comic book alter ego Hopalong Camanshii – an ongoing graphic novel series that explores the relationship that artists have with society and how they affect culture